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Divorce (dissolution of marriage) can be stressful and traumatic. Our Suffolk County divorce lawyers understand the decision to divorce is difficult but also must be handled efficiently, but carefully.

As divorce attorneys in Suffolk, we help our clients through this difficult time, reducing conflict and helping our clients make the best legal choices available to them during the dissolution process. Our priority is to ensure our clients know exactly what to expect in this difficult process.

Knowing what to expect can lessen the stress and provide clarity when critical decisions must be made. We explain the different process options specific to each case and provide recommendations appropriate for each case and client. Our Suffolk County divorce lawyers are thoughtful in protecting marital and parental rights, ensuring each matter is given appropriate consideration and attention.

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How to Get a Divorce in Suffolk

Suffolk county follows the same process as most counties with filing for divorce in New York. The basic steps for divorce include:

  • Prepare the divorce documents.
  • Serve the divorce documents to your ex-spouse.
  • Filing the initial pleadings including a Summons with Notice or Complaint.
  • Exchanging financial disclosures.
  • Negotiating and attending hearings (if applicable).
  • Reaching a final resolution and judgment.

What Does Divorce in the Suffolk County Cost?

Dissolution costs can’t be predicted, but keep these factors in mind:

  • The parties’ ability to agree on child custody in the case of children
  • Legal questions unique to New York can be found in your case
  • Pension plan division between the parties
  • Defining the nature of the contested issues
  • Agreements between the parties on a number of issues
  • A lawyer’s and opposing parties’ level of cooperation
  • The cost of expert witnesses and court reporters, if any, associated with litigation
  • The hourly rate of your attorney
  • Neither your nor your spouse’s behavior is acceptable

How Our Suffolk County Divorce Attorneys Can Help

At Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, PC, our Suffolk divorce lawyers handle a full range of matters related to divorce with the commitment to securing fair resolutions to our clients. In cases of divorce, a range of simple and complex issues will surface. These issues can include:

At any point during the New York divorce process, including during the trial, the parties can resolve the issues in the divorce between themselves. In New York uncontested divorces, if the spouses can agree on how to share custody, and issues of support, how to divide the property and all other ancillary matters, the entire case can be resolved by a settlement agreement which is submitted to a judge for review and approval. Settlement negotiations are often preferred to litigation as they create solutions that meet the needs of both parties in a fair and practical manner.

Our Suffolk family law attorneys can advise you and represent you in settlement discussions, through court-ordered mediation and, if necessary, at trial to help you get a result that meets your needs and works for your family. We are trained and experienced in conflict resolution and can guide negotiations forward on a rational, practical level. When a settlement is not possible due to the conflict or animosity, the issues are too complex, or the parties simply want different outcomes, our experienced New York lawyers provide experienced and effective representation in court to make sure your rights are protected and help you reach your goals in the final judgment of divorce.

In developing legal strategy, our Suffolk County divorce attorneys are mindful of cost and seek to minimize expensive legal processes, but never to the detriment of our clients’ cases. We maintain close communication concerning legal expenses.

How does a New York Divorce Start and When Does My Divorce Become Final in Suffolk?

A New York divorce is stated by the purchasing of an index number and then filing initial pleadings including either 1) a Summons with Notice or 2) A Summons and Complaint.

Divorce in New York becomes final on the date the Judgment of Divorce is filed with the Suffolk County Clerk. Prior to the Judgment of Divorce being signed and entered, the case must be resolved either by way of settlement agreement or decision by the Court after trial.

The Court is well acquainted with Mr. Sternberg, his qualifications and the high esteem in which his fellow attorneys rightfully hold him. Most of Mr. Sternberg’s practice has been concentrated in the areas of family law and related issues and the Court is well aware of his stellar abilities in these chosen fields. In particular, the court believes that the representation that Mr. Sternberg provided on behalf of Petitioner in the matter . . . was of the highest caliber.

— The Honorable Jeffrey Arlen Spinner

Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer in Suffolk County

Hiring a “good” attorney is not enough. The right attorney for you is a talented and experienced divorce lawyer in Suffolk County who meets your needs – one who communicates well, shares your values and meets your schedule. A consultation and securing the right attorney are the first steps in securing your future. Schedule a consultation today to meet our Suffolk County Divorce staff to see that we’re the right team to see you through this difficult time, ensuring your interests are safeguarded every step of the way. The expertise and skills of a Suffolk County divorce lawyer will help you throughout your divorce process.

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