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Divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience even before litigation begins.  It will often include substantial changes in every component of each spouse’s life.  With the right legal partner by your side, it can also be a time of growth, clarity, and renewed purpose.

Centereach Divorce Lawyers

At the highly-regarded law firm the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, PC, our Centereach divorce attorneys understand that you will inevitably have apprehension about your financial security, housing issues, relationship to your children, and accumulated wealth.  Regardless of whether you served as a stay at home parent or the greater monied spouse, the prospect of divorce always includes financial concerns including being self-supporting and being able to afford a potentially substantial long-term support obligation.

When children are involved, parents face fears of changes to their time and access to beloved children.

At the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, PC, our Centereach, New York divorce attorneys work to suite your preferences, schedule and your needs.  Every case is different and we adapt accordingly.  We are here for you whether your case requires a heavy-handed approach working towards trial in contentious litigation or whether your case may give rise to an amicable resolution by way of uncontested divorce.  From the start, we are prepared to aggressively advocate for all clients but we also recognize the enormous financial and emotional value of resolving issues amicably.

Starting at the consultation, we utilize a take a problem-solving approach in all divorce and family law matters by guiding and advising our clients, empowering clients to make informed decisions to advance cases according to the needs and wishes of the client.

Our Practice Areas – Our Suffolk County Family Law Firm Can Assist You With Matters Involving:

Contested Divorce.  When confronted with a complex and emotionally charged contested divorce, look no further than our dedicated team to guide you through this challenging journey. We specialize in contested divorce representation, offering you unwavering support and skilled legal counsel every step of the way. Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of contested divorces, from property distribution to child custody disputes. We’re committed to protecting your rights and advocating for your best interests. With our comprehensive knowledge of Centereach family law, we’ll work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Trust us to be your steadfast allies during this trying time.   Our Centereach divorce attorneys have extensive experience handling contested divorces from pre-commencement planning through trial and appeal.

Uncontested Divorce.  A seamless and amicable resolution to your divorce in is always ideal.  Our skilled team of attorneys specialize in uncontested divorce representation. Not every divorce needs to be a drawn-out battle and it is essential that you have an attorney who acknowledges your concerns in that regard. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We’ll help you and your spouse reach a mutually agreeable settlement, ensuring that your interests are protected while promoting cooperation and harmony. We guide you through the entire process with efficiency and care. Trust us to simplify your divorce process and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

High-Net-Worth Divorce.  In High Net Worth divorce ,the stakes are higher, and the complexities are unparalleled. We have vast experience litigating on behalf of high net worth individuals and we serve as your trusted partner in safeguarding your financial future. Our seasoned team of attorneys specializes in steering the intricate landscape of high net worth divorce cases. We understand the intricate financial structures, intricate asset valuations, and intricate property division issues that come with significant wealth. With our track record and our results of securing favorable outcomes for high net worth clients, you can be confident that your interests are in capable hands. Whether it’s dividing assets, valuing businesses, or ensuring the best possible financial settlement, we are committed to protecting your wealth and securing your future.

Child Custody.  It is often extraordinarily difficult getting through the difficult emotions and frustrations surrounding child custody litigation and the potential for losing time with children.  Litigating custody in New York demands an experienced attorney focused on this multifaceted nature of family law. At the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, we have litigated thousands of custody cases. Including all issues of residential custody, 50 50 custody, legal custody and visitation – and we have done so with enormous success, making us respected in every courtroom.  Our Centereach custody attorneys have the expertise to gather relevant evidence to persuasively advocate for our clients based on the relevant factors in child custody disputes under the best interest of the child standard.  In determining custody and visitation, the court will consider various factors including the child’s wishes, the primary caregiver, the status quo, mental and physical health of the parties, stability, parenting skills, cooperation between the parties, drug / alcohol use, domestic violence, work schedules and parental alienation.  Our Centereach child custody and visitation attorneys have the vast experience in negotiating and, when necessary going to trial on all custody issues.

Child Support.   If you are going through a divorce or Family Court case involving child support, it is essential that you speak with experienced child support lawyers in Suffolk County to gain a clear understanding of New York’s child support laws and the Child Support Standards Act.  Representation of respected experienced child support lawyers will afford you the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that your child support order is calculated accurately and fairly. Our Centereach attorneys are experienced in every facet of New York child support.  We help our clients understand the law and we are here to establish support, modify and enforce your support order.  Our Centereach child support lawyers have litigated cases before every magistrate on Long Island.  We are here to protect your rights and plan for your future.

Maintenance / Spousal Support / Alimony. In the complex landscape of maintenance / spousal support (alimony) cases in New York, you need an attorney who understands every nuance.  We offer unequaled guidance and representation in all aspects of maintenance including establishing maintenance during a divorce, enforcing maintenance after a divorce has been settled and modification of maintenance. Whether you’re seeking fair financial support or need to navigate the intricacies of modifying existing arrangements, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your rights are protected.  Our Centereach divorce lawyers are intimate familiarity with all relevant factors and caselaw that the Court will consider when calculating a spousal maintenance order.  We work tirelessly with our clients to gather the appropriate evidence and to most persuasively present all evidence when spousal support is contested.

Equitable distribution / property distribution.  Equitable distribution in New York doesn’t necessarily mean a 50/50 split of assets. Instead, it aims to divide marital property and debts fairly, taking into account various factors such as the duration of the marriage, each spouse’s financial contributions, and future earning potential. Our attorneys will work closely with you to assess these factors and craft a personalized strategy that aligns with your goals – we recognize that every divorce case is unique, and equitable distribution is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Our team of experienced divorce attorneys is well-versed in New York’s equitable distribution statute and caselaw, which govern how marital property and assets are divided. We understand the importance of securing your financial future while ensuring that the distribution process is just and equitable.  Our Centereach NY, divorce lawyers have handled distribution of nearly every asset imagines.  We build on this experience to successfully protect your valuable financial interests during the divorce process.

Contempt and enforcement of orders.  Settling a case or finally receiving a decision after trial is ordinarily a relief for most people. The ongoing litigation is finally done and everyone is free to move on with their lives.  Sadly, it’s not always that simple and the Judgment of Divorce or final orders in a Family Court case may not mean that the litigation is over.  Contempt occurs when one party willfully disobeys a court order. This can include failure to pay child support or spousal support, refusal to comply with a visitation schedule, or any other violation of court-ordered terms, including distribution of property. Our attorneys specialize in addressing these issues and taking legal action to ensure compliance.  We understand the importance of having court orders enforced promptly and efficiently. Our experienced divorce attorneys have a deep fundamental understanding of New York family law, and we are committed to helping you protect your rights and the integrity of your orders.

Our Team of Suffolk County Family Law Lawyers Go Above and Beyond to Fight for Your Family

We understand that divorce isn’t merely a legal proceeding—it’s a transformative chapter in your life. We proudly serve Centereach and residents throughout Suffolk County, guiding them through the complexities of the divorce process with expertise, compassion, and determination.

With everything at stake, you need a family law firm committed to fighting for you and the best possible outcome. Whether negotiating, in the courtroom or on trial, we are prepared to help.  After all negotiations have been exhausted, we are fully ready to bring your case to court and find endlessly for our you at every stage – from commencement through appeal. With years of courtroom experience, our Centereach family law lawyers understand how to strategically approach all family court matters and we the skills to prevail at trial.

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