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Divorce, without question, brings with it numerous challenges and changes.  We are here to help with your Lindenhurst divorce.

Steer through the upheaval of a divorce is never easy and many struggle to transition to transition to the new realities of post-separation life.  It is often said that nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce.  The assistance of expert counsel will determine whether your future is one of happiness and growth or whether you will be paying the consequences (financially and otherwise) for years to come. At the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, we spend the time and energy necessary to understand the needs of your family and to offer experienced counseling to ensure the best result.  The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, PC is a recognized, prestigious law firm and a leader in the field.  We represent clients in all divorce and family law matters including divorce, property matters, spousal support, custody and child support.

Starting at the first consultation, we explain every step of the process and answer all of your questions.  During that initial consultation, our divorce attorneys discuss every detail of your case and explain your options in moving forward with a divorce or, alternatively, addressing certain individual aspects of your case in Family Court, without the necessity of a dissolution of the marriage.  Whether your case involves establishing custody and support for children, property distributions, business assets or simply memorializing the terms of an uncontested divorce, we take the time to walk each client through each step of the process.

Let our experienced and professional team provide you with the invaluable peace of mind necessary to navigate the New York divorce process.

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Looking for Help With A Divorce Law Matter in Suffolk County, New York?

When you need help with your Suffolk County divorce, you need to hire the best divorce attorney.  The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg is renowned for our success and expertise in the matrimonial field.  No two cases are the same so we take a hand-on approach and offer tailored advise based on your specific case, cognizant of your family’s needs and goals.  Contact our Lindenhurst divorce attorneys today!

Divorce Lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York

When facing a divorce, it is essential that you have an experienced Lindenhurst divorce lawyer.  The stress and turmoil of a divorce often makes it difficult to think clearly or make smart decisions.  During these trying times, you need to retain a divorce lawyer to guide you through the process of divorce.  Hire a local divorce lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York to handle your divorce properly. Contact the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg.  We proudly offer a free and confidential divorce consultation.

How To Choose A Divorce Lawyer In Suffolk County, New York

Choosing the right divorce attorney is the first, and perhaps the most important step in securing your future and safeguarding everything that is important to you.  When looking for a divorce attorney, read their reviews and schedule a consultation to speak to the attorney about their divorce practice.  Do they have evening and weekend availability to meet your needs?  Are they compassionate about your needs?  Does the attorney understand your financial situation and any potential financial hardship?  How is the attorney going to mitigate your costs so that the divorce does not financially cripple your family?  You need a local divorce attorney who has experience with all of the judges and knows how each operates their courtroom.  Schedule your free consultation to discuss your divorce with our attorneys so that you can see how we can help.

Questions to Ask During a Consultation with A Divorce Lawyer

What questions should you ask a divorce lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York during a consultation?  When you’re consulting with a New York divorce attorney, it’s essential to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the attorney’s expertise, how they plan to handle your case, and what you can expect from the process.

  • Experience & Specialization
    • How long have you been practicing family law and divorce law in New York?
    • What percentage of your cases are divorce related?
    • Have you handled cases similar to mine, especially if there are unique aspects such as high net worth, alienation, etc.?
  • The Process & Strategy
    • What is the typical divorce process in New York?
    • Based on what you know about my situation, what strategy do you recommend?
    • How do you approach negotiations vs. litigation?
  • Costs & Fees
    • Do you provide detailed monthly billing statements?
    • Are there any additional costs I should be aware of, such as court fees, expert witness fees, etc.?
    • Am I entitled to counsel fees from my spouse?
  • Communication
    • How often can I expect updates on my case?
    • What’s the best way to reach you if I have questions or concerns?
    • Do you offer weekend or evening appointments?
  • Timeline
    • What’s the typical timeline for a divorce in New York?
    • Given the specifics of my case, do you anticipate any factors that might expedite or delay the process?
  • Outcomes & Predictions
    • Based on your experience, what are the potential outcomes for my case?
    • What are the possible challenges, and how would you address them?
  • Child Custody & Support
    • How is child custody typically determined in New York?
    • How does New York calculate child support?
    • What are the factors that might influence custody and support decisions?
  • Assets & Alimony
    • How does New York handle the division of assets in a divorce?
    • Am I entitled to spousal support, or might I have to pay it?

Contact the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg today so we can answer your questions during your free consultation.

Meet Our Divorce Lawyer For Lindenhurst, New York

Meet our divorce lawyer for Lindenhurst, New York. Louis L. Sternberg, Esq. has been practicing matrimonial law since 2009 and brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to each case.  Secure your future and protect your family by contacting the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg today for your free divorce consultation.

What Can A Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer Help You With?

A New York divorce lawyer can assist with every aspect of the divorce process from initial consultation through post-judgment enforcement and modification, ensuring that your interests are represented and secured.

  • Legal Guidance: The right divorce lawyer will provide advice and explain the legalities of divorce in New York, including residency requirements, grounds for divorce, and the difference between contested and uncontested divorces.
  • Filing and Paperwork: A minor typographical error can mean the difference between winning a case or the matter being dismissed.  An attorney will ensure that all necessary documents are correctly filled out and filed with the court in a timely manner.
  • Asset Division: New York is an “equitable distribution” state, meaning marital assets should be divided fairly, but not necessarily equally. A New York lawyer can help identify and valuate assets, differentiate between marital and separate property, and advocate for a fair division.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: If children are involved, an attorney can help address and negotiate matters related to physical and legal custody, visitation rights, and the creation of a parenting plan.
  • Child Support: A lawyer can assist in determining appropriate child support based on New York’s guidelines, factoring in both parents’ incomes, the number of children, and other expenses.
  • Maintenance / Spousal Support (Alimony): They can help evaluate whether spousal support is appropriate, how much should be paid, and for how long, based on factors like the duration of the marriage, each party’s income, and the receiving spouse’s needs.
  • Litigation: If negotiations break down or if an agreement can’t be reached, an attorney will represent your interests in court.
  • Post-Judgment Modifications: After a judgment of divorce is entered, there may be reasons to modify the terms, such as changes in income, relocation, or other significant life events. A lawyer can assist in pursuing or defending against these modifications.
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection: In cases involving domestic violence or abuse, an attorney can assist in obtaining orders of protection.
  • Enforcement and contempt: If an ex-spouse isn’t complying with the terms of the divorce agreement or court order (e.g., not paying child support or violating custody arrangements), a lawyer can help in enforcing those terms.
  • Emotional Support and Referrals: While a lawyer’s primary role is legal representation, they can also offer a degree of emotional support or refer clients to counselors or therapists if needed.
  • Hiring a divorce attorney can simplify the complex process of divorce, ensuring that one’s rights and interests are protected throughout.

How Can a Suffolk Divorce Lawyer Help You With A Settlement?

Most people want to settle their cases in order to avoid the stress of a contested divorce trial.  Interested in how a Suffolk divorce lawyer can help you settle your divorce? Whether seeking custody, reasonable visitation or an appropriate spousal support number, you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.  Discuss all of your concerns and options with a local experienced divorce attorney. We understand the law and how the courts apply the law in a Long Island Divorce.  Retain a local attorney to secure your interests and protect your future.

The Top Family Law Attorney on Long Island

When you’re looking for the top family law attorney on Long Island, contact the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg. Our team represents our clients with legal expertise and practical advice tailored to your specific needs.  We have represented a wide arrays of clients on Long Island including business owners, doctors, lawyers, executives, and professional athletes.  We also proudly represent their spouses who have often made great sacrifices to enable the other party to advance their career but now are at risk of losing everything.   Our top family attorneys are here to represent you in your divorce and see you through this most difficult stage.

We proudly serve as Lindenhurst divorce lawyers.  Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation and learn how our custody lawyer and divorce lawyers in Suffolk County can help. Call us at 631-600-3295 or contact us through our online intake form to reach us 24 hours a day.

Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce Lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York

At the outset, it is important to understand the pros and cons of settling a case as an uncontested divorce versus litigating a contested divorce.  An uncontested divorce is often faster and less contentious but it may not enable you to obtain the outcome you desire or deserve.  Learn more about hiring a contested divorce and uncontested divorce lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York by contacting us today. Regardless of whether you and your spouse have already begun negotiations or whether you anticipate that a contested divorce will be required, the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg is here to walk you through all of your options in a New York divorce.

Spousal Support and Child Support Lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York

In New York, both child support and spousal support (often referred to as alimony or maintenance) are financial obligations that one person might be required to pay to another after a separation or divorce.

Child Support. Child support is intended to ensure that both parents contribute to the financial needs of their children in consideration of their respective incomes.  New York uses a statutory formula based on the combined parental income and the number of children to calculate the presumptive child support obligation.  Child support generally lasts until the child turns 21 or is otherwise emancipated but custom dictates that child support may continue until age 22 or a child’s graduation from college.  In addition to the basic child support amount, parents might also be required to share costs for healthcare, childcare, and education, among other expenses.

Spousal Support (Alimony/Maintenance).  Spousal support aims to ensure that neither spouse faces economic hardship as a result of the divorce and that there’s a continuation of the standard of living established during the marriage as may be feasible.  Temporary maintenance is support given while the divorce proceedings are ongoing and post-divorce maintenance is support is ordered after the divorce is finalized.  The duration of post-divorce maintenance generally depends on the length of the marriage. Generally, the longer the marriage, the longer the potential duration of maintenance, but, of course, judges have broad discretion and consider various factors.

At the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, P.C., we have litigated countless child support and maintenance cases.  Contact us for your free consultation regarding child support or spousal support.

Child Custody Lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York

In New York, child custody refers to the rights and responsibilities of parents regarding the care and upbringing of their children after a separation or divorce. Custody is broken down into two main categories: legal custody and physical custody.

Legal Custody refers to the right and responsibility to make important decisions on behalf of the child. This includes decisions about education, medical care, religious upbringing, and other major life choices.  There are generally two legal custody arrangements:  Sole legal custody where one parent has the exclusive right to make all major decisions for the child and joint legal custody where both parents share the responsibility and must consult one another on major decisions affecting the child.

Physical Custody (often referred to as “residential custody”) refers to where the child resides most of the time.  Again, there are generally two main categories of physical custody.  Sole physical custody is a situation where child lives primarily with one parent. The other parent typically has visitation rights (referred to in some cases as “parenting time”).  Joint physical custody refers to an arrangement where the child spends equal time with both parents.  This is sometimes referred to as 50 50 custody.

At the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, we have litigated custody cases throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County and we are recognized for our excellence in the field.

Our Divorce Law Firm For Lindenhurst, New York

Meet our divorce law firm for Lindenhurst, New York– the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, P.C.  We take pride in our experience in the Suffolk County Courts and in our knowledge of New York divorce law.  Our experience allows us to craft the ideal strategy for your particular case.  You are going to have many questions during this journey and we are here with the answers.

Are you searching for the top divorce lawyer in Lindenhurst, New York? When you retain the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, you will receive personalized attention, thoughtful and aggressive representation, and frequent communication throughout the entirety of the process. Divorce is stressful so we do everything in our power to ease your mind and secure the best possible outcome.  We are proud of our a 5-Star client ratings and thousands of successful outcomes.  Let us use that experience to help you achieve the best outcome possible in your divorce. Call us at 631-600-3295 or through our online intake form to reach us 24 hours a day.

Consult a Divorce Attorney in Lindenhurst, New York

Consult a divorce attorney in Lindenhurst, New York in order to discuss your divorce options.  When thinking of filing for divorce or when served with divorce papers, it is essential to obtain the advice of a skilled attorney who can help you explore your for divorce. Our legal team is ready to get started with even the most challenging divorce or family law case. Call us today at 631-600-3295 or use our online intake form to schedule your free initial consultation.

At the Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg, we have assisted many people in Lindenhurst and throughout Long Island. We know that this is a difficult time for you and your family so we offer the compassionate care and representation your case requires.