Forbes Article on Who Should Have a Prenup

January 30, 2018
Louis Sternberg


Alyssa Rower, of Rower LLC, recently published an article in Forbes magazine entitled Those Who Are Most In Need Of A Prenup May Surprise You.  The article is an excellent resource for anyone considering or on the verge of marriage.

While many believe that prenuptial agreements are merely for the super-wealthy, Ms. Rower points out that a prenuptial agreement may, in fact, be of even greater importance to the following groups of people, regardless of the extent of their present wealth:

  • The Aspiring Business Owner
  • The Relocating Couple
  • The Parent


Ms. Rower is spot-on with each of these categories.  A prenuptial agreement may be valuable for anyone anticipating marriage but the above groups will likely derive an even greater benefit from such an agreement.  For a more detailed explanation of these benefits, reading Ms. Rower’s article is strongly suggested.


The Law Office of Louis L. Sternberg routines assists clients with prenuptial agreements, in additional to post-nuptial agreements (agreements executed during the marriage as opposed to prior to the marriage) and separation agreements.  Call us now to discuss how such an agreement may be beneficial to you.