WSJ Article about “No-Fault” Divorce in New York

May 16, 2012
Louis Sternberg


Sophia Hollander of the Wall Street Journal has written a fascinating article about New York’sNo Faultdivorce law which now allows a spouse to seek and obtain a divorce without claiming or proving “grounds.”

In the article, Ms. Hollander details a trial that this blog has covered previously – the case of Sorrentino v. Sorrentino, in which Judge Quinn of the Suffolk County Supreme Court ordered a trial to be held in order to determine if the Plaintiff-spouse had proven that the relationship between  her and her husband had suffered an “irretrievable breakdown.”

The article goes on to include quotes from several New York matrimonial law experts and also New York State Assemblyman Brian Curran who has introduced legislation that would require courts to grant no fault divorces without requiring a trial to  prove “irretrievable breakdown” in the marital relationship.