Inadvisable Ways of Dealing With The Stress of Litigation

August 30, 2011
Louis Sternberg

The parties in family law and matrimonial litigation experience a wide array of emotions with anger and bitterness being two of the most common.  Threats and even physical attacks occur far too frequently.  One of my law school professors often recounts a story from his time as a judge when a litigant in a child support case attacked the opposing party, in the courtroom, with a syringe filled with bleach.  Obviously, this is a poor way to handle the frustration of litigation.  Perhaps equally poor is attempting to drive an 18-wheel truck into the courthouse.

After being denied a downward modification of his child support obligation, Roy Conger of Illinois apparently opted against traditional stress-relief methods such as deep-breathing exercises or going for a walk, and instead chose to smash his tractor-trailer into the Madison County Courthouse.   Mr. Conger’s assault was thwarted when he could not maneuver the truck past the building’s stairs.  He surrendered to local authorities soon afterwards and was charged with a felony.

In order to minimize one’s frustrations with the legal system and to maximize the likelihood of success, it is always advisable to contact a lawyer.